Single Bells (2015)

TITLE: Single Bells

DESCRIPTION: An annual Christmas special that features a collection of monologues based on real stories of love, heartache and bitterness in the holiday season. 

RUN DATE: December 2015 – Present RUNTIME: 2 Hours


VENUE: The Pink Panda (2015), Buku-Buku (2016), BGC Arts Center (2017)


Atras/Abante (Co-written by Yves Gutierrez)
Synopsis: A guy from the slum finds ways to back-out from attending a Christmas party to avoid seeing his rich girlfriend’s parents.
Main Performer: Yves Gutierrez
Other Performer: Jett Embana

Synopsis: Inside a car during the holiday traffic, a man tries to figure out why his girlfriend is mad at him.
Original Performer: Mark Ghosn
Main Performer: Jett Embana
Other Performer: Euwie Von Loria

Kahit Coaching Pagtingin
Synopsis: During the resignation season in a call center company, a woman struggles to have hers accepted by her “boss”.
Main Performer: Abe Herma
Other Performer: Hogi Cadlum

Synopsis: Minutes before New Year, a boy is transported back in time to meet his younger self. He needs to reignite his inner light before midnight in order to return to present time.
Original Performer: Slated for performance on Single Bells 2018

Mahal Ka Ni Ninong
Synopsis: After years of being an OFW, a balikbayan hosts a fabulous Noche Buena in an attempt to reconnect with his family.
Original Performer: Dave Ramones

Minsan Isang Muntikan
Synopsis: A man recalls his memories with a friend he lost during New Year’s eve.
Main Performer: Mark Ghosn

Synopsis: A woman’s journey to finding true love; the best discount deals and the bargaining she had to do along the way.
Original Performer: Gracia Paterno
Special Guest Performer: Lovely Abella

Para sa Mga Pusong Pagod
Synopsis: A prelude to another monologue ‘Panata ng Pusong Bagong Laya.’ A guy requests for a holiday break to heal his broken heart.
Main Performer: Mark Ghosn
Other Performer: Berna Manipon

Synopsis: A continuation of Bes’ story as she tries to take advantage of the office holiday spirit to become closer to her cute officemate.
Main Performer: Janine Lloce


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