Camp Ampalaya (2018)

TITLE: Camp Ampalaya

DESCRIPTION: A collection of monologues based on real love stories and how they relate to current social issues.

RUN DATE: February 2018 – April 2018  RUNTIME: 2 Hours


VENUE: The Green Sun


Babalikan Kita
Synopsis: What if one day, your ex-boyfriend, who also happens to be your officemate, schedules a one-on-one meeting just to say that he wants to get back together? This after leaving you before for his then ex-girlfriend who is now his ex-fiance after she cancels their wedding. I smell rebound lvl 99999.
Original Performer: Justinne Punsalang

Small Stuffs
Synopsis: ‘Small Stuffs’ (yes, with an S) is about how the little things, the petty fights, the differences of opinions, can actually pile up and cause a relationship to end.
Original Performer: Kenneth Monserrate

Four Crushies and a Payday
Synopsis: In Four Crushies and a Payday, Cha is a generous lover who is longing for the same amount of affection he is giving to his boyfriend. They say we accept the love we think we deserve, but how can we tell?
Original Performer: Sonson O.

Huli Na
Synopsis: The moment when you’re very sure that beside the two of you, there’s someone else in your relationship, you just want to get proof and hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.
Original Performer: Abe Herma

Me and Mrs. Cruz
Synopsis: Not your typical Ampalaya Monologues, this one tells the story of Mrs. Cruz through the eyes of Carlo, a flower delivery boy who is mesmerized by her mysterious charm.
Original Performer: Jerome Dawis

Break-up and Chill
Synopsis: It’s hard when she’s already your girlfriend but you still have to compete for her attention.
Original Performer: Joshua Tayco

The Lady in Asul
Synopsis: Camilla is a sex guru, self-made entrepreneur, and women’s rights activist who also happens to be a politician’s fiance. As the campaign season nears, she is torn between fighting for her relationship or giving up her “scandalous” public persona.
Original Performer: Victoria Alcantara

The Bes Kemback
Synopsis: If your ex returns and tells you he wants to get back together, will you say yes? Bes did.
Original Performer: Janine Lloce

Huling Ulan
Synopsis: When it comes to break-ups, sometimes, the simplest reasons are the hardest to accept.
Original Performer: Ristichen

Mga Puso ng Digma
Synopsis: A war refugee is reunited with his one great love 25 years after they got separated.
Original Performer: Mark Ghosn